dimanche 08 octobre 2023 14:00
Martin - Banel, 3, impasse des Chevau Légers 78000 Versailles
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-Auction: Sunday, OCTOBER 8, 2023 from 2:00 pm onwards-

Exhibitions: Friday 6 OCTOBER from 10 am to 6 pm and Saturday 7 OCTOBER from 10 am to 5 pm

Selling costs: 20.83% excl. tax (25% incl. VAT)

Additional fees for live auctions paid to the platform: 1.5% excl. tax (1.8% incl. VAT)

Contact: Valérie MARTIN


Cabinet ANSAS-PAPILLON: lots 140 to 146

Cabinet IEP Jacques BACOT: lot 195

Cabinet MARECHAUX: lots 77 to 85- 94 to 106- 110-111-114 to 127- 129-130-132 to 135-182-183

Jean-Marie MARTIN-HATTEMBERG: lots 160-197-198

Jean-Marc MAURY: lot 216

3, impasse des Chevau-Légers-78000-Versailles (newsletter subscription)

Sales conditions



The sale will be made in cash and conducted in Euros.

Purchasers will pay, in addition to the bids, a fee of 20.83% exclusive of tax, i.e. 25% inclusive of tax.

Buyers via live platforms will pay, in addition to the bids and buyers' fees, an additional commission which will be paid in full to the platforms (see paragraph: Auctions via Drouot Digital or Invaluable).


In accordance with French law, SAS Martin-Banel is responsible for the information given in the catalogue, taking into account any corrections announced at the time of presentation of the item and recorded in the sale report. 

Descriptions are based on current knowledge.

The order of the catalogue may be modified.

A prior viewing enables buyers to appreciate the condition of the items offered for sale. However, the photographs in the catalogue are deemed to be the exhibition. No claims will be accepted once the sale has been announced. The reproductions of works in the catalogue are as faithful as possible, although differences in colour or tone may occur. Dimensions are given as an indication only.

References in the catalogue description or condition report to accident or restoration are made to facilitate inspection and are subject to the personal examination of the buyer or his representative.

The absence of such a reference in the catalogue in no way implies that an item is free from any defect or restoration; furthermore, a reference to a particular defect does not imply the absence of all other defects.The absence of any indication of restoration or accident in no way implies that a piece of jewellery is free from defect. It is specified that the origin of the stones and the quality (colour and purity of the diamonds) reflect the opinion of the laboratory issuing the certificate. No claim will be accepted if another laboratory issues a different opinion, and the auctioneer cannot be held responsible.Concerning the legislation and description of gemstones, we invite you to consult Decree n°2002-65 of 14 January 2002 relating to the trade in gemstones and pearls.The French text is the official text that will be used in the event of a dispute.Descriptions in other languages are given for information only.

The state of conservation of the works is not specified in the catalogue. Buyers are therefore required to request additional photos, videos and/or condition reports in order to make their own judgement. No claims will be accepted concerning any restorations or accidents once the auction has been announced. Condition reports requested from the auction house prior to the sale are given as an indication only, wherever possible.

They in no way engage the responsibility of the auction house and cannot be the basis for any legal claim.

Liquid content is not guaranteed, and paintings are deemed to be sold without frames, the condition of which is therefore not guaranteed. AUCTIONS

The highest and last bidder will be the successful bidder.In the event of a double bid recognised by the auctioneer, the lot will be put up for sale again, with all the amateurs present being able to bid for this second auction.In the event of a dispute, the authorised auctioneer reserves the right to award the lot, put it back up for sale or cancel its presentation.By placing a bid, bidders assume personal responsibility for paying the hammer price immediately, plus costs payable by the buyer and any taxes or duties due. Unless there is a written agreement with the auction house prior to the sale,

stating that the bidder is acting as the agent of a third party identified and approved by the auction house.

 We remind our sellers that it is forbidden to bid directly on lots belonging to them.

Please note The normal way to bid is to be present in the auction room. 

The possibility of bidding live is a service that is different from online sales.

The sale is deemed complete once the hammer is down and it is not possible to withdraw. PHONE BIDDING: We accept telephone bids from potential buyers who have made themselves known before the sale, subject to the availability of lines. We cannot be held responsible in particular if the telephone connection is not established, is established late, or in the event of an error or omission relating to the receipt of bids by telephone.

BIDDING ORDERS: We accept bidding orders that have been transmitted subject to a deposit, the amount of which is defined by the auction house.We cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions in the written order.In the event of purchase orders for a similar amount for the same lot, the auction house will take into account the first order submitted.


 We remind our sellers that it is forbidden to bid directly on lots belonging to them.

Please note The normal way to bid is to be present in the auction room. 

Online auctions are available. These are carried out on the and Invaluable websites, which are technical platforms that enable remote electronic participation in auctions. It is necessary to register in advance and to ensure that the registration is validated. A bidding ceiling may be announced depending on the sale, and a deposit must be made beforehand in order to bid freely during the sale. The purchaser via the Drouot Digital platform (or any other platform proposed for live purchases) is informed that the costs invoiced by these platforms will be borne exclusively by the purchaser. will be borne exclusively by the buyer. As an indication, for Drouot digital, a commission of 1.80% inc VAT (costs 1.5% exc VAT and VAT); for Invaluable, a commission of 6% inc VAT (costs 5% exc VAT and VAT 1%). Martin-Banel cannot be held responsible for any interruption in service or transmission time.

Martin-Banel cannot be held responsible for the interruption of a Live service during a sale or for any other malfunction that may prevent a buyer from bidding via a technical platform offering the Live service. The interruption of a Live auction service during a sale does not necessarily justify the auctioneer stopping the the auctioneer.

We therefore invite bidders to leave purchase orders until the day before the sale and to leave a deposit.


Lots that have not been delivered on the day of the sale will be returned to the auctioneer. 


Lots that have not been delivered on the day of the sale can be collected by appointment, once payment has been received. Jewellery can only be collected by appointment. To arrange

please contact the auction house. Except in the case of specific provisions mentioned in this catalogue, the conditions for the collection of purchases are as follows: After a period of fifteen days of free storage at Martin-Banel,

the latter will be invoiced :

- 5 € / day of safe storage for jewellery.

- 10 € / day for all other items.

Winners are advised to collect their lots by the carrier of their choice as soon as possible in order to avoid these storage charges, which must be paid prior to collection.

The auction house cannot be held liable in any way whatsoever for storage costs.As soon as the item has been sold, the buyer takes full responsibility for it.

The buyer will be responsible for insuring his acquisitions, and SAS Martin-Banel declines all responsibility for any damage that the object may incur, as soon as the hammer is down.

Lots not withdrawn within three months of the sale are deemed to have been abandoned.

The lots will be delivered to the buyer in person or to a third party designated by the buyer and entrusted with an original power of attorney and a copy of the buyer's identity document.

Export formalities (certificate applications for cultural objects, export licences) for lots subject to export regulations are the responsibility of the buyer and may take up to 4 months.


All bidders undertake to pay personally and immediately the hammer price plus any costs incurred by the buyer. 

We strongly recommend that buyers pay by bank transfer (in the case of transfers from abroad, we do not bear the additional bank charges) or by credit card (this latter method may be subject to additional charges).

In accordance with article L.321-14 of the French Commercial Code, an auctioned item cannot be delivered to the buyer until the company has received the price or has been given a full guarantee of payment by the buyer.

Legal means of payment accepted by the accounting department :

- Cash: (article L.112-6; article L.112-8 and article L.112-8 al 2 of the Monetary and Financial Code)

- Up to €1,000

- Or up to €15,000 for individuals whose tax domicile is abroad (on presentation of passport)

- Bank transfer : For the exact amount of the invoice (bank charges are not payable by the firm) from the purchaser's account, quoting the invoice number or the purchaser's name.BNP Bank-1, rue du Mal Foch-78000-Versailles-France.

Account holder : Martin-Banel

IBAN FR76 3000 4034 3600 0101 8371 690


- Bank card: bank charges are not payable by the study except for French individuals.

Charges for merchants: 1% inc. VAT - Charges outside the EU: 1.68% inc.

- Remote card payments with bank card charges as above.

DEFAULT OF PAYMENT Payments are made in cash.

SAS Martin-Banel will claim from the defaulting bidder interest at the legal rate plus 5 points and the reimbursement of additional costs incurred by his default, with a minimum of €500, including in the event of resale at irresponsible bidding:

- the difference between its hammer price and the hammer price

obtained on resale 

- the costs generated by these new auctions


In accordance with the law, all civil liability claims arising from auctions and voluntary and judicial sales of furniture by public auction are time-barred after five years from the date of the auction.

These general terms and conditions of purchase are governed solely by French law.Any dispute concerning their existence, validity, enforceability against any bidder or purchaser, and their performance shall be settled by the competent court in Versailles (France).

If a customer feels that they have not received a satisfactory response, they are advised to contact the auction house at